Why does my Wi-Fi keep disconnecting

Accept it or not but we all have almost stumbled upon on one of this issue of Wi-Fi keeps on getting disconnected be it on android, tablet or computer.

There are various reasons why internet connections keep on getting disconnected. Here are the common problems are as follows:

• The strength of the Wi-Fi is negligible. The network of the Wi-Fi might be near or close to the edge.
• The network of the Wi-Fi is overloaded. This problem is more common where the place is a crowd congested area i.e. stadiums, concerts, etc.
• The overlapping of the channel with other Wi-Fi hotspots or any nearby devices.
• The drivers of the Wi-Fi adaptor have outdated or the firmware of the router may have been outdated.

For the above cases, it has been assumed that the Wi-Fi is working properly when the Wi-Fi hotspot is connected.

And there is no bad connection. To troubleshoot the problems one can, follow the below steps:

• Reset the router, smartphone or computer.
• Try to move closer to the radius of the router or hotspot.
• Get a Wi-Fi analyser app and check if there's any interference.
• Update the firmware or the device driver of the router.
• Contact the service provider and check if there's any maintenance break or connectivity issue in the area.

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